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Want to vote in Wisconsin?

Just use any Photo ID from Group A, B or C below. 

(Youtube Suspend -id Feds Allows "cause" To For - License Real There are even some cases where the ID can be expired.)

Group A: IDs That Must Be Unexpired

Driver's License Receipt Issued by Wisconsin DOT (Valid for 45 Days)
State ID Receipt Issued by Wisconsin DOT (Valid for 45 Days)
Certificate of Naturalization
A Veteran's Photo ID Card

Group B: IDs That Can Be Expired

(ONLY IF expired after November 4, 2014)

Wisconsin Driver’s License
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Wisconsin State Identification Card
US Passport or Card
US Military ID
ID Card Issued by Federally Recognized Indian Tribe In Wisconsin

If your Group B ID Expired BEFORE Nov. 4, 2014 YOU MUST GET A NEW Photo ID to Vote.

Group C: Student IDs

Students can vote with a Photo ID card issued by a Wisconsin accredited university or college, if:

  1. It contains the student’s signature, the date it was issued, and an expiration date no more than 2 years from issuance, AND
  2. You present the ID ALONG WITH a separate document that proves enrollment, such as a class schedule, enrollment verification letter, or a tuition fee receipt. These can be presented electronically.

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*** And remember, your current address does not need to be on your ID***

Don't have an ID? No problem. You can easily get a free state ID! Find out how.

Have other questions about the new photo ID requirements? Please visit Wisconsin’s “Buy Premiumfakes Scannable Ids Fake California com IdVideos tv 9tube - Senzawa” website.

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