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Want to vote in Wisconsin?

Just use any Photo ID from Group A, B or C below. 

(Id Fake Card Alabama There are even some cases where the ID can be expired.)

Group A: IDs That Must Be Unexpired

Driver's License Receipt Issued by Wisconsin DOT (Valid for 45 Days)
State ID Receipt Issued by Wisconsin DOT (Valid for 45 Days)
Certificate of Naturalization
A Veteran's Photo ID Card

Group B: IDs That Can Be Expired

(ONLY IF expired after November 4, 2014)

Wisconsin Driver’s License
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Wisconsin State Identification Card
US Passport or Card
US Military ID
ID Card Issued by Federally Recognized Indian Tribe In Wisconsin

If your Group B ID Expired BEFORE Nov. 4, 2014 YOU MUST GET A NEW Photo ID to Vote.

Group C: Student IDs

Students can vote with a Photo ID card issued by a Wisconsin accredited university or college, if:

  1. It contains the student’s signature, the date it was issued, and an expiration date no more than 2 years from issuance, AND
  2. You present the ID ALONG WITH a separate document that proves enrollment, such as a class schedule, enrollment verification letter, or a tuition fee receipt. These can be presented electronically.

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*** And remember, your current address does not need to be on your ID***

Don't have an ID? No problem. You can easily get a free state ID! Find out how.

Have other questions about the new photo ID requirements? Please visit Wisconsin’s “Colors Her Holi Umd Of The Hindu How Campus Festival CelebratedVideos tv 9tube - Senzawa” website.

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